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A secure computer is a computer completely disconnected from any network, in a physicaly secure location, with nobody using it. If this is the level of security required for your project, you must not use cloud computing, including Trampo ;-)

Cyber security is very much a reactive industry: a "zero day" attack is discovered, and the software author "patches" the vulnerability a few days  later. Despite security companies best effort, the security battle is always in favor of the hacker: He only needs to find one hole to get in. On the other hand, security experts need to account for  an unlimited number of possible attacks, which is an impossible task with limited resources. This is the reason why data breaches will keep occurring. It could happen to your company or Trampo.

Now, most engineers live happily with this risk, and store their data on their corporate network. If that's your case, then welcome to Trampo. We believe your data is probably more secure with us, than on your corporate network. Here is why.

Trampo has a comprehensive and creative defense-in-depth strategy covering all aspects of our business operation. We have a smaller attack surface than any of our cloud competitors due to the use of secure synchronised folder technology. We share below some of the ways we protect your data.


Our site is Level 1 PCI compliant and uses 256-bit SSL certificates


Your uploaded files land directly in our cluster which is kept up to date, hardened, penetration tested, and monitored for penetration 24/7. Our cluster firewall blocks all traffic from IP addresses that are not vital for their operation. 

File storage

Trampo deletes all files submitted and generated after 1 week. Strictly no backups! We only extract a limited amount of information for our personal records. See our Terms and conditions section 4. for more details.

Synchronised folder

Our synchronised folder technology is Resilio Connect*.

WARNING: our cloud computing job submission technology is "protected" by US patent application 62467151.

Your Data is encrypted in transit using the SHA-2 algorithm. Before any data is transferred, the synchronised folders on our cluster and your PC mutually authenticate. One-time session encryption keys are to ensures Forward Secrecy. 

The synchronised folder installed on your computer runs as a local service.

Java macros

We conservatively block any macros that might contain a potential security risk. This is achieved through a multi-layer strategy:

-Restrictions on macro import packages enforced by a lexical scan of the macro.

-User account permissions.

-Run time protection.

Mobile devices

All our mobile devices are kept up to date, have secure boot (windows devices) and full hard drive encryption.

 *Trade Mark of Resilio INC.