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Launch press release: : Next-Gen Cloud Computing for STAR-CCM+*

Tuesday 07/ 03/2016, Berlin, Germany. launched at the STAR GLOBAL conference in Berlin yesterday. Trampo is a service dedicated to STAR-CCM+, the world most advanced and user-friendly CFD and Multiphysics engineering software.



Trampo is a patent pending world first approach: It combines the power of synchronised folder technology and advanced automation to provide a refreshing user experience:

  • Upfront interaction with the website to submit the job. No later interaction required.
  • No upload man-hours,
  • No download man-hours,
  • STAR-CCM+* licence included
  • “Real-time” connection to the compute job

Founder Guillaume Jolly says:

“One big issue with cloud computing is the loss of productivity experienced by the user when uploading and downloading his job. In CFD, files are huge. Trampo solves the issue by using Resilio Connect# groundbreaking technology: the user drops his calculation in the synchronised folder, and can go back home confident that his calculation will upload, automatically run, and the results will come back in the synchronised folder.

The second big issue with cloud computing is the usual lack of interaction with the computation. We fix this by sending in real time the scenes (graphical CFD post-processing outputs in STAR-CCM+* jargon) and the plots. We output this data at the following intervals after the runs start: 30sec, 1min, 2min, 5min, 10min, 20min, 40 min, and every hours afterwards. Any CFD engineer would be excited to hear this: it means he can judge the convergence of the solution while running in the cloud and stop the compute job if need be. This feature will be available in the coming weeks.

Then Trampo also solves the cloud licensing because it’s included in our package.  Trampo is ideal for smaller companies which do not have a cloud licence but require cloud computing for less than 200 hours a year.

Last but not least, Trampo user interface is extremely simple. When submitting a job with a single file, the user only needs to input his file name, drop the actual file back in the synchronised folder and click submit. No complex command line input is required. It’s extremely difficult to break the system!”

Trampo is currently testing the technology on a “simple” 24 core licence included product. The vision is to rapidly grow the compute capacity once the system has been thoroughly tested in a production environment. Trampo’s goal is to become the default cloud computing service for STAR-CCM+ users.

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Media enquiries:

Guillaume Jolly, Founder

+61 4 7722 1702