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With Trampo, hardware is another thing you don't need to worry about. We only use the best and latest. What does it currently mean?


The bottleneck in computing for CFD is the memory bandwidth. So we use the fastest RAM that runs on Intel Xeon processors, DDR4 2.4GHz.


The processors are also vitally important. If you select too many cores on your processors, the RAM can't keep up. With the current RAM, 12 cores processors give a fairly linear speed up. We run the workstation version of the Intel Xeon v4, the E5-2687W v4 because they have significantly better performance, especialy on smaller simulation (less than 2.5 M cells).

Hard Drive

Trampo saves more back up and output files than you would typically if using your own cluster. So we use NVMe SSD hard drives with sequential read speed of 2.7 GB/sec. We load 10 GB simulation file loads in less than 4 sec !


We use EDR infiniband. Ultra low latency and "infinite" scalability potential.